15 Passive Income Ideas To Help You Make Money In 2021 in Chongqing-China

Published Jun 13, 21
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12 Types Of Passive Investments That Earn You Monthly Income in Fuzhou-China

My 25 Passive Income Streams I’m certainly no investment guru or financial wizard, but the vast majority of my income is “passive”– or at least time-leveraged. By time-leveraged, I mean in any direct way. And it’s been that way for several years: The tiny sliver of “active income” on the chart comes from one-on-one consulting calls.

But I get to do it on my own terms and have a ton of fun doing it. 1. Affiliate Commissions I got my start in affiliate marketing back in 2004, and it’s been a significant piece of my revenue pie ever since. How affiliate marketing works is I earn a commission for referring leads and customers to other products and services.

The more listeners I can reach, the better rates I can command. And that’s just one way podcasts can make money. Today, I estimate Of course, it took time to build this asset. Lots of time. But now there are 400 episodes–each one a little mini asset–that can build relationships and potentially earn income on autopilot.

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6. Dividend Investing Investing for dividend cash flow has helped me get off the sidelines and into the market. (I’m the person who always thinks we’re due for a correction!) My basic strategy–and again, don’t take this as investment advice–has been to buy shares in companies with a long history of paying, and increasing, dividends.

Because they’ve been around forever, they’re not likely to have explosive share price growth, but they do spin off consistent passive cash flow. Over the last few years, I’ve slowly built this up to Check out a service like the modern brokerage to get started yourself. You can trade stocks for free, or select one of their pre-built portfolios.

Udemy Course Sales In 2014 I created an online video course about how to launch non-fiction Kindle books on Amazon. It earned $3500 in the first couple months, and has gone on to earn passive sales ever since. The total is now All I have to do is respond to the (pretty infrequent) student questions or comments.

5 Passive Income Ideas I'd Consider in Guiyang-China

Digital Product Sales on Fiverr Several years ago, I decided to test selling a couple of my books on Fiverr. I figured it would be another interesting “buy button” platform to experiment with. Sure enough, people bought them. And in fact they continue to buy them. Fiverr definitely has not been a focus lately, but in total since late 2013.

Over the years, Fiverr has shifted to become primarily a freelance platform, so the strategy today would be to create a compelling service offer.) 9. Merch by Amazon This is a low-overhead, low-investment way to build a little passive income. In our house, Merch is a fun little side business and generates around for us.

When someone orders it, they’ll print it in the size and color selected, and ship it to the customer. You earn the spread between whatever price you set and the cost to print it. Our best month was over $500 in profit, which I think we could hit consistently if we dedicated more time to creating new designs.

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This gives me more control over what ads are shown to my visitors, and I can earn more as well. My advertisers are set up on automatic monthly payments and have been with me for years. This income stream generates Your ability to do the same will of course depend on the amount of traffic your website receives and the demographics of that traffic.

Selling a Featured Listing in a Directory The site I mentioned above has a company directory component to it. It’s similar to Yelp in that the highest-rated companies rise to the top of the rankings. And similar to Yelp, companies have reached out about buying a “featured” placement at the top: I said I could do that for labeled the listing as “sponsored”, and put the company on an automatic monthly payment plan.

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And to be sure, creating video content takes time, but once your videos are up there, they can earn passive income for you for years — as some of mine have. Suggested Playlist: Make Money Online Here are some creative and inspiring ways you can make money online. 14. Fundrise is a cool “alternative” way to invest in real estate.

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This is not investment advice or solicitation for investment. They have several funds that operate like mini REITs or real estate investment trusts, where you’re buying a combination of debt and equity in a range of commercial properties they’ve bundled together. The platform is open to non-accredited investors with just a $500 minimum investment.

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